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Hi, the Heartstrings Website is back once again to attempt to throw some extra light on the ever-growing problem of PUPPY FARMING, DOG and CAT THEFT, IMPORTED PUPPIES from Eastern Europe and DOG FIGHTING.

Puppy farming is big business with dealers getting rich and leaving a trail of sick and dead puppies behind them. Puppies are taken away from their mothers too soon, when still too young, they are loaded into vans like cargo before travelling hundreds of miles to be sold on to unsuspecting owners. Pets coming in from Eastern Europe arrive in crates to Southern Ireland, then crosses over to Northern Ireland to Scotland and the ones still surviving to the UK at large.

You may get the breed of your choice cheaper that a recognised breeder’s price but it works out more in the long run. All these puppies were badly neglected since birth and if you have one, you will have to spend a lot of money on Vet’s fees to tackle various health problems including GENETIC DEFECTS. Even worse these poor animals struggle to make it passed 2 or 3 years leaving you to mourn a family pet that may have lived up to 11 – 15 years. Puppy Farmed Dogs and Imported dogs  is CRUEL, EXPENSIVE & HEARTBREAKING.

LUCY’S LAW is a law named after a King Charles spaniel called Lucy, who died in a puppy farm in 2016 due to mistreatment. In the wake of a campaign in England and Wales, Westminster and the Welsh government brought Lucy’s law into effect earlier this year. Now all eyes are on the SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT to follow suit. If not, Scotland could become a hub for puppy farming for all of the UK.

On our new page (Finding Missing Pets) we also deal with Pets Stolen for the purpose of baiting for dog-fighting. Many, “free to a good home” pets receive a similar fate. Dog Fighting makes its money in part from Stud Fees. We try to give you as many precautions as we can to keep your pets safe.

If you enjoy the music or find the articles enjoyable or useful, then a voluntary donation to your Local Animal Welfare FOOD BIN in your Supermarket(s), Pet Shop or Animal Charity Shop would be more than gratefully received!


The Heartstrings Website in basically renewed or revamped. We have for you on this occasion;

Homepage Explains and sets the agenda for the future. 2 pages long.

 Animal Valour 2019 The Homefront Part 3 The End - 52 Page article, Illustrated. + Food for Thought + Humorous ending.

The Hole in Hull Gang / Jolly Boys Outing. The End - 32 Page Article, Illustrated.+ The fragility of the Solar System. Created or Evolved?

Heavenly Hope for Pets - much more information.

Quiz - new, Name the year.  (1953 – 2019) 26 Questions

Food For Thought - the best examples from previous years, with more info.

Searching For Missing Pets - much more added, including new technology. We cover many problem that face our pets today.

Flooding Tips - a bit more information than the original. Information on Insurances and Grants also.

Pet Hazards - like the old Tips page, but with more detail. Just the hazards that are the most dangerous to pets.

Song Downloads - Heartstrings CD 1 & CD2 and the Instrumental is back along with 5 older songs from my 2001 Cupid CD (The recording is more basic than the Heartstrings CD’s)



It’s good to have you all back and it’s good to be back!

Ronnie & Grace    Ronnie_Sinclair@btinternet.com